Your complementary Snowbike® – CERTIFICATE  for your Mobile Phone

The Snowbike®-CERTIFICATE program, as part of your basic workshop, is offered  at participating resorts world wide. 
The Snowbike®-CERTIFICATE enables you to rent and/or ride a original BRENTER Snowbike®, Skibike or Skibob in many resort around the globe right away. 
The Snowbike-CERTIFICATE gives you access to special offers and discounts. 


As an upgrade to your complementary CERTIFICATE you may also purchase the credit card sized Snowbike® CARD for a very little adminsitration and shipping fee.
In addition to the attractive offers going with the CERTIFICATE the CARD entitels you to partizipate in our attactive 2 for 1 RIDING REP offer.


      1. Apply for your CERTIFICATE / CARD by filling in your personal information below and choose the complemtary CERTIFICATE or the credit card sized Snowbike® CARD.

      1. The CERTIFICATE / CARD will be released to you by email or postal service. A copy will be shared with your RENT & RIDE station for verification.

              HAVE FUN WITH EVERY RUN !  – check out all rental stations here >

    NOTICE: We highly recommend to attend a basic workshop prior to your frist rental. Please always stay in control of your speed and make sure you are familiar with lift operation procedures. If you have not been attending a workshop you are not entitled to participate in the Snowbike CERTIFICATE / CARD program.

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