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“… the most brilliant machines to travel on snow”
“Snowbike® the #1 winter trend sports. If you can ride a bike you can experience a new dimension on winter sports – SNOWBIKE® “
by Daily Telegraph

„I have been using Brenter Snowbike since 1996 in my Skischool. It is the most reliable product on the market for professionals and beginners as well“
Hermann Koch ski school director and 7 x Guinness world record holder
SINCE 1949

„Why ride something else if you can have the ORIGINAL“
Erich Brenter Worldrecord holder and Masterminder behind the modern Snowbike


The front ski controls your direction, the skid of your rear ski controls your speed. Snowbike is very intuitive to learn

The light weight bike (approx 7 kg) is easy to handle. It can be transported on all lifts and can be folded in 30 sec. to fit in every car trunk or the gondola.

You can buy the original Brenter Snowbikes, Skibikes, Accessories, Skis , Footskis and Spares at our 100+ partner stations worldwide or directly at our online shop.

You can rent the original Brenter Snowbike in 100+ certified Rent & Ride Locations world wide.

You are welcome to ride the original Brenter Snowbike at:

Note: Use of Snowbikes & Skibikes may be restricted, please check local regulations before your trip!


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